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Mississauga DriveTest G Route

G Road Test Route Map

If you have not already done so, check out our article on tips for passing your G/G2 road tests!

This is the first of two routes for the Mississauga G test. We have posted the second route here.

The Mississauga DriveTest just opened up in August 2018, and we are putting up the practice maps below.

It is always a good idea to be familiar with the route taken for your driving test in Mississauga. We have posted the map below as well written directions for the route reported by test-takers. This route is one of the most common taken for the exam, but it is possible you might have slight variations on the routeDriving instructors and schools are familiar with the routes and will charge you money to take you there. We figured we'd put them up for free here as a public service. Ultimately, the most important thing you need to do is learn how to take a road test regardless of route.

 If you would like to contribute a route, please do so in the comments and we will post it here.

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Mississauga G practice test route
Via Google Maps

 Good luck! 
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Unknown said…
Can you please post the roads and intersections so it would be easy to determine the route. Please and thank you.!!!!
Anonymous said…
I passed my G test last week.Route is more or less the same.I did my emergency parking and 3 point turn in the neighbourhood of Mavis and Parallel parking on Martiz Dr while coming back to Drive test centre.There is construction on Martiz drive when u take left turn from intersection of Martiz and Longside dr(It is a 4 way stop sign).Also there is construction on 401 West when u enter from Hurantario.I reversed park my car in the Drive TEst Parking,so I was made to do forward parking in the same parking in the end.

Good luck.
Anonymous said…
I passed my G test last week and the route went right on Maritz drive then left onto courtneypark. From there right on hurontario and onto the 401. Went up on the 401 onto the 410 and took the exit for derry road. Went down on derry until mavis and pulled into a residential area and did an emergency pullover and a 3 point turn. From there drove back to drive test and reversed parked.
Anonymous said…
Parallel parking was between cars correct and not cones?
Anonymous said…
Hi is this the same route for the G2 exam ?
Anonymous said…
I did my G2 road test at the Mississauga location (Longside) I had done it twice actually and both were different. The first time I didn't pass because when merging on the highway back to the test centre on the 401 traffic was going at a little under 90kph so that was one point but I couldn't go faster than that as it was busy. Second time, I didn't pass because while merging on the highway in the acceleration lane, a truck was going slow enough that I couldn't go beyond 70kph. Here are the routes:

Exit the parking lot towards Maritz Drive
Turn right on Maritz Dr (All-way stop sign) and the speed on that road is 50 due to no sign
Turn left on Courtney park
Turn right on Hurontario (be sure you enter the lane you were in then signal to change lanes to the right otherwise it's a fail)
On Hurontario the speed is 80 up until reaching the 401
Turn right on the 401 West
Exit on Mavis and turn left (speed 60)
Turn right at Bancroft Dr where the gas station is
Continue on Bancroft (speed is 50) but there is a school zone so beware of the 40 limit
Turn left on Silken Laumann Way, here you will do an emergency parking and 3-point turn
Once you've done that, you'll turn right on Bancroft
Turn left on Mavis
Enter 401 East
Exit at Hurontario at Britannia (speed when turning left is 60) so be careful to not go too fast
Continue straight on Hurontario (speed 80 past the World Dr)
Turn left on Prologis Blvd, then continue straight all the way back to the test centre

Second route:
Same from the beginning except you take the 401 East and not West
Once on the highway, you'll be asked to take the 410 N
Keep going on the 410 until you get off at Derry
On Derry the speed is 70
Continue straight until St Barbara Blvd (parallel, emergency parking and 3-point turn)
Turn left on Panhellenic Dr
Right on St Barbara
Left on Derry
Right on Maritz then back to the centre

I don't have much luck with examiners. I did my G1 exit test at Oakville twice, the first time was because the examiner was very strict and marked me on everything even though I followed the speed limit and signs. Second time examiner was much nicer and I felt relaxed so passed then.

Hope this helps
Anonymous said…
My experience in Oakville was very bad, I am a newcomer so I did the g2 exit test but the examiner was an old lady very rude, and failed me for go slow in the merging lane to the QEW but was very crowed like always. Also she put in my score sheet that I was blocking an entrance when emergency parked and that is not true. So is very difficult to have confidence if you feel that they are there to failed you. I hope others examiners are less rude at least.
The examiner issue does come up every so often, and examiners are given quite a bit of leeway in how they grade. We wish you the very best with your repeat testing. You can teach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you!
aliya said…
Can anybody suggest me a location for my G2.I tried it in Oakville last week but failed due to parking was so congested that I hit the curb.
I am now confused where should I go again in Oakville or try Mississauga new drive centre?
Kindly share your views thanks.
@ aliya:
There is no hard and fast rule, but our personal opinion is that if you already took your test at one center, you are already familiar with the center, and that might help with the nerves. Remember you may take the test on a different day and have a different examiner and it won't be as crowded when you park.
Best of luck!
Emily at CCIR
aliya said…
Thanks Emily