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DriveTest Marking Scheme

After you arrive to the Drivetest center and register, you will be asked to wait in the car for your examiner to arrive. After the examiner arrives, they will use a yellow marking scheme to write your name, information, and number of previous attempts at the driving test. After that, you will start your exam.

As you go on the winding roads of whatever city you are taking the test, you can't help but notice the examiner taking notes in their yellow sheet. A tick can either mean a mistake or a task completed successfully.

The marking scheme essentially breaks down your interaction with road elements into basic elements that the examiner can use to grade you.

For example, your interaction with a stop sign is broken into 3 parts: approaching, stopping and starting again. Each of these parts has components as well. For the approach part, see below:


This means as you approach the stop intersection,  you could lose points if you don't check your mirrors, brake too harshly, coast there or keep a gap of less than 2-3 seconds.

We provide an annotated grading scheme to help you practice the test. This would be especially useful if you bring a friend with you as you take the GPS route to mark you and see how many errors you make and how you can avoid them.

We provide an example below:

You can order the annotated practice grading scheme from here!